The Jesus Wars Continue

people have been taking shots at Jesus since his birth. read through the stories and letters of the New Testament and we can see King Herod take out a contract on his life that makes Vito Corleone look like Elmo. the religious leaders and scholars of his day hated him and conspired to kill him. even one of his disciples, his students, his closest friends and followers on earth, agreed to betray him to his face with a kiss.

the Jesus wars have been going on for over two thousand years; they’ll continue.

timing in comedy, they say, is everything. the same is true when taking shots at Jesus. there have been several magazine cover stories, books, documentaries, and other forms of media released around Christmas, Lent, and Easter through the years. so i wasn’t surprised when i recived the March 29th issue of Maclean’s and saw Jesus Christ with a crown of thorns on his head under the heading “Resurrecting Jesus.” i was surprised, however, to read an article, by Brian Bethune, that was’t taking the same old shots at Jesus. in fact, Bethune writes about the new book Jesus: A Biography From a Believer by Paul Johnson. Bethune reviews and critiques the book (somewhat) and reviews some of the issues and points that have been raised through the years from the likes of Michael Baigent, Tom Harpur, and even Dan “Da Vinci Code” Brown. check this article out. it makes for good conversation and thought. Bethune may not be a believer, but he ends the article: “Given such alternative portraits of Christ, [referring to the same old shots being taken and about to be taken at Jesus with the release of new books and documentaries] Jesus: A Biography From a Believer – angels, demons, miracles and all – may not be history, but it’s a model of sober scholarship.”


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