Love and Hate and Basketball

i have a confession to make: i have love/hate for Kobe Bryant.


there’s no doubt the man is talented; one of the best players in the L right now. actually, i would say, and i’m definitely not alone, he’s one of the greatest of all time.

he’s got game.


stop with the MJ comparisons. there will only ever be one Jordan. Kobe is awesome, but he can’t carry Jordan’s jockstrap.

also, Kobe strikes me as arrogant as hell. i hope i’m wrong. however, if you’ve seen him talking to Cabbie on theScore, you know what i mean.


if the Lakers make the NBA Finals, i hope they play the Cavs. i hope LBJ smacks the above playoff game face off Kobe and Shaq asks Kobe how his [gluteus maximus] tastes.


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