change your church for good

change your church for good was written by Brad Powell. Powell is the senior pastor of NorthRidge Church in Plymouth, Michigan. he’s also a frequent conference speaker, regular columnist for Outreach Magazine, contributing editor of the Leadership Journal, and host of and primary speaker for the annual conference “Change Without Compromise.” change your church for good is his first book and the copy i’m reviewing is a revised edition.

change your church for good is a book about change your church can believe in.

change/progress/transition; these are words that bring a lot of images and ideas to mind. some are good and some are bad. some are helpful and some are harmful. however, change/progress/transition, whatever word you want to use, happens. (some) change happens naturally. progress needs to happen. and life is full of transitions. will we use and facilitate change/progress/transition for good or bad? will we learn from it? will we grow from it? important questions.

in the book Powell writes: “I believe the church is the hope of the world… when it’s working right. And therein lies the problem. Most churches aren’t.” the emperor is officially naked; butt-naked.

but Powell doesn’t just call out the emperor and give us the bad news. he includes good news as well. he tells of his experiences and tells stories of the ups and downs and the lessons learned of the life of the churches in which he’s been apart of and from his life as a pastor.

an important thought and reacurring message, whether explicitly or implicitly, throughout change your church for good is the idea that we can change without compromising truth. the church has to admit where we’ve made mistakes and where we make mistakes. we need to rethink and redo a lot. however, there is truth that does not get compromised. the church is about truth you can believe in as well.

change your church for good is a great read. it’s an excellent resource for pastors and servants of the church as well as anyone who attends and loves the church.

*Full Disclosure: I received this book for free from Thomas Nelson through “Book Sneeze.” They give free books to bloggers for honest reviews.*


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