The Three Stooges

watching the Canucks/Blackhawks game last night, i was reminded again how much i do not like NHL Comissioner Gary Bettman. he was on “After 40 Minutes” with Scott Oake during the second intermission. this is not a very Christlike post, but he’s a bum. he’s a clown. he’s a jerk. in fact, he made me think about all four major North American sports commissioners. there are three stooges and one gentleman who seems to know what he’s doing and he’s not a weasel about it.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman

how do you know Garry Bettman is lying or spinning the truth? his lips are moving.

i don’t like him. i dont’t trust him.

does anyone else think he has an axe to grind against Canada?

five out of five on the weasel scale.

NBA Commissioner David Stern

cut from the same cloth as Bettman, but not as bad. in fact, Bettman got his start in sports with the NBA under Stern. Stern just seems like a guy who takes himself too seriously.

i wouldn’t call Stern a weasel but he’s got to get the referees under control. also, can we do something about the TV timeouts during playoff games? and we need to do something about the dunk contest at all-star weekend.

three out of five on the weasel scale.

MLB Commissioner “Bud” Selig

bud. weis. er. bud. weis. er. bud. weis. er.

i have to be honest: i do not watch a lot of regular season baseball. wake me up for the playoffs. however, i know enough to know a game should never end in a tie. i don’t care if it’s a pre-season, regular season, post-season, or all-star game. “you play to win the game.” “you don’t play to just play.” you don’t play to tie.

two and a half out of five on the weasel scale.

NFL Commissiner Roger Goodell

i have nothing bad to say about Goodell.

he gets stuff done.

he doesn’t take stuff.

his league is the stuff.

now, this might have something to do with the fact that American football is my number one sport (is that unCanadian?) and the NFL is my favourite league to follow. however, no one can deny the way Goodell handles himself with media and the ups and downs that come with this high profile job.

zero out of five on the weasel scale.

note to Bettman, Stern, and Selig: watch and listen to Goodell; take notes.


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