The One Year Book of Encouragement

in his introduction, Harold Myra starts The One Year Book of Encouragement writing: “If you probe beneath the surface of believers today, many of them will admit to anxieties and deep discouragement.”

what causes these anxieties and discouragement? the economy? family issues? problems at work? problems finding work? financial struggles? health concerns? conflicts at church? conflicts anywhere? worry? doubt? fear? loss?

“Especially today,” Myra says, “we need spiritual meat” to help us combat and overcome this discouragement. reading through the daily thoughts/devotions of this book is like an all you can eat event at The Keg.

Myra quotes Christian writers and thinkers and expounds on their thoughts to encourage us, the readers, beautifully.

folks quoted include…

C.S. Lewis – if you’re quoting Christian writers and thinkers Lewis has to be in there. instant credibility/readership.

Billy Graham – classic. relevant. real.

Mother Teresa – challenging.

Brother Lawrence – very cool.

Martin Luther –  the man.

Henri Nouwen – spiritual gold.

Eugene Peterson – one of my favorite writers/thinkers.

Philip Yancey – great stuff.

John Wesley – who doesn’t love John Wesley?

there are other people quoted as well. they’re all worth reading and their stories are worth knowing about.

along with the quote and short essay exploring its meaning and application is a prayer and passage of Scripture. the three elements of the daily reading are excellent together.

The One Year Book of Encouragement is a wonderful collection of 365 daily readings of inspiration, wisdom, and encouragement for your spiritual lives and journeys.

*NOTE: Tyndale Publishing gave me a free copy of The One Year Book of Encouragement for a review posting on my blog. For more information check out the Tyndale Blog Network.


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