The Gospel According to Jesus


there’s a scary trend among Christians and the Church today. according to research conducted by Chris Seay and Barna Research Group 84% of Christians are living a distorted Christian life and misunderstand the essential tenents of their faith.

at times, sadly, we can all miss the point.

for too long we’ve made Christianity about morality, piety, conservative politics, and a list of dos and don’ts.

author and pastor Chris Seay’s latest book is The Gospel According to Jesus: A Faith that Restores All Things.

the text is great. Seay covers right (correct) righteousness, the Kingdom of God, the Gospel, justification, and among other topics, shalom. he tells stories, quotes other great writers, and expounds on these topics to highlight the importance they have for the Christian faith.

my favorite passage from The Gospel According to Jesus comes after Seay quotes Luke 15:1-7…

“Many Christians see the world this way, and are blind in their point of view. It’s time to stop categorizing one another and call this line of sight what it is: heresy, specifically Gnosticism. Our broken ideology can be rescued when we forsake the ‘sacred versus secular’ labels and see what has been redeemed and what is in need of redemption. People are not good or bad; they are simply broken, and God has either restored them to shalom or is seeking to restore them to shalom. Imagine seeing people as ‘broken shalom’ or ‘shalom,’ rather than good or bad. If you see them in the midst of broken shalom, it does not allow you to look down on them; instead, it calls you to join God in his redemptive work in their lives. What a beautiful privilege.”

(Chris Seay, The Gospel According to Jesus, page 148)

most of  the quotes and passages of Scripture are taken from The Voice, which is a wonderful translation/paraphrase of the Bible.

at the end of each chapter, except chapter nine, Seay includes conversations he’s had with other leading writers and thinkers in Christianity today: Dan Kimball, Gabe Lyons, Mark Batterson, Rick McKinley, Shanr Claiborne, and Alan Hirsch.

The Gospel According to Jesus is required reading. it will shake-up and wake-up todays Church.

*Full Disclosure: I received this book for free from Thomas Nelson through “Book Sneeze.” They give free books to bloggers for honest reviews.*


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