G20 + G8 = $857 Million

was it worth it?

i do think we (Canada) need to be an international player and host for these types of events and summits. we need to be in the game for sure.

however, could we have spent half the money and pulled it off? a quarter of the money and pulled it off?

the USA hosted in 2004 and spent $78 million.

Germany hosted in 2007 and spent $137 million.

look for these costs yourself. you can’t make this stuff up.

$13,000 was spent on renting fine art; $9,000 was spent on insuring the rented fine art.

$14,142 was spent on down jackets for a pre-summit meeting in Iqaluit. we couldn’t tell people to pack for winter and summer?

$14,000 was spent on glow sticks. this is not a mistatke. glow sticks. there was a rave after conversations about climate change.

wow. sadly it seems Harper wanted to throw a big party and be the coolest kid at school.

er, i mean, leader at the summits.

so, was it worth it?


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