First Things First

you know Kurt Warner as an NFL quarterback, a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars” and as an NFL analyst with Fox and the NFL Network. 

as an NFL football player, Warner won two Regular Season MVP Awards and he was the MVP of Super Bowl XXIV when he and the St. Louis Rams defeated the Tennesse Titans. he also played for the New York Football Giants and the Arizona Cardinals. Warner led the Cardinals to their first Super Bowl appearance against the Pittsburg Steelers in Super Bowl XLIII. the Cardinals lost in a thriller.

Warner retired from the NFL in January of 2010. he was a contestant on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” and he now works as an analyst and commentator for Fox and the NFL Network.

Arizona Cardinal fans would love to see him come out of retirement. they’ve been through a few quarterbacks this season.

by all acounts, Kurt Warner is a real good guy. he is a man of great faith. he is never one to shy away from expressing his beliefs and making sure he puts first things first.

Kurt and  his wife Brenda Warner are the authors of First Things First. the book is an autobiography of the Warner family.

the Warner family is nine strong; Kurt and Brenda have seven children. if they had two more kids they would have enough people to field an offense, defense, or special teams unit on Sunday afternoons.

the stories throughout the book are wonderful. it’s an inside look (but not a creepy inside look) into their marriage, family life, and faith.

it’s great reading for NFL fans, couples, and families.

*NOTE: Tyndale Publishing gave me a free copy of First Things First for a review posting on my blog. For more information check out the Tyndale Blog Network.

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