The Purpose of Passion

love is in the air.

Saint Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. card, flower, chocolate, and jewlery sales will rise for a few days in mid-February.

love has been pondered for thousands of years. recording artists sing songs about it. filmmakers make films about it. Danielle Steele and William Shakespeare have written about it.

every child, woman, and man have expressed love for someone or something somwhere.

The Purpose of Passion: Dante’s Epic Vision of Romantic Love is a book from authors Kurt Bruner and Jim Ware.  

the book is a journey through and study of Dante’s The Divine Comedy.

Ware and Bruner take readers on a guided tour through The Divine Comedy and point out what the story has to say about love, passion, romance, and spirituality.

we all long for love and companionship. we were made for relationships and community.

The Purpose of Passion includes references to wonderful verses of Scripture as well. the Bible, afterall, is a love letter to humanity. the Bible also contains beautiful poetry and passages expressing love for God, from God, for others, and from others.

The Purpose of Passion is a wonderful read. it could be enjoyed alone or read with a loved one.

let me finish this post with Bruner’s and Ware’s closing words from their introduction, which is their goal for the book: “May Dante’s Romantic Vision ignite within you, as it has in us, a greater fire of godly passion – no matter where you find yourself on love’s journey.” (Kurt Bruner and Jim Ware, The Purpose of Passion, xxi).

*NOTE: Tyndale Publishing gave me a free copy of The Purpose of Passion for a review posting on my blog. For more information check out the Tyndale Blog Network.


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