Game Plan for Life

March 16, 2011

Joe Gibbs coached the NFL’s Washington Redskins to three Super Bowl victories. he is also the owner of a  NASCAR team, Joe Gibbs Racing, and has won three national championships.

Game Plan for Life: Your Personal Playbook for Success, written by Gibbs with Jerry B. Jenkins, is a New York Times best seller and a wonderful book.

Game Plan for Life is formatted for sports fans.

this book is part autobiography/part Bible study; part sports history/part theological text. it has something for everyone.

Gibbs and contributors, like Josh McDowell, Charles Colson, and Ravi Zacharias, have written about and adressed important topics of faith like the Bible, God, sin, salvation, and relationships.

Tony Dungy, author, broadcaster, and Super Bowl winning head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, wrote the foreword.

Game Plan for Life is a great read. it’s a wonderful book for Christians of all ages and an excellent book to give a sports fan friend who may or may not be on a spiritual journey. along with the Bible, this book could be used as a great introduction to the Christian faith.

*NOTE: Tyndale Publishing gave me a free copy of Game Plan for Life for a review posting on my blog. For more information check out the Tyndale Blog Network.


The Harper Kitty Government

March 16, 2011

this guy has got to go.

has to!


anywhere but here.

i don’t care if you’re a Liberal, an NDP, a Conservative, a member of the Bloc Quebecois, or affiliated with any other political party registered with Elections Canada, the man pictured above has got to go.

look at the kitten. he or she doesn’t even trust the man.