The Harper Kitty Government

this guy has got to go.

has to!


anywhere but here.

i don’t care if you’re a Liberal, an NDP, a Conservative, a member of the Bloc Quebecois, or affiliated with any other political party registered with Elections Canada, the man pictured above has got to go.

look at the kitten. he or she doesn’t even trust the man.


3 Responses to The Harper Kitty Government

  1. Todd Braye says:

    Why does Harper have to go? Not much of an argument. Actually, you give no argument. So, tell us why you think he has to go….and who you would like to see replace him.

    • markbraye says:

      Todd, how are things? great to hear from you.

      if you make your way back to my blog here, you’ll find a few more thoughts may paint a clearer picture of my thoughts and feelings.

      a replacement? great question.

      ABC! anyone but Conservatives.

      Iggy or Layton may not be the answer. but we can’t wait around with Harper at the wheel any longer, though.

      • Todd Braye says:

        LOL…Cousin, I could not disagree with you more! Besides, Scripture is clear: We must honor those in authority over us. Peter even instructs his readers to honor the emperor. At that time it was Nero! Yeah, honour the guy who hates you. Surely, Harper is no Nero. Vote as you wish. But, my dear cousin, I find your remarks here about our PM unfitting and ‘inappropriate’ for a gospel man.

        I’m doing ok. Busy as usual. Check out my blog! Give my regards to your dad and mom, and your bride!

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