The Jesus Inquest

The Jesus Inquest: The Case For and Against the Resurrection of Jesus Christ was written by Charles Foster. he’s a writer, barrister, tutor in medical law and ethics at the University of Oxford, and a Fellow of Green Templeton College, Oxford. Foster has written, contributed to, or edited over thirty other books.

The Jesus Inquest is a debate between two characters: X and Y.

X presents a non-Christian view and argues against the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Y presents a Christian view and argues for the reusrrection of Jesus Christ.

the chapters of the book examine the vital elements of this inquiry.

1.) Doe’s All This Matter?

2.) The Sources

3.) The Death

4.) The Burial

5.) The Empty Tomb

6.) The Post-resurrection Appearances.

7.) Did The Early Church Believe in the Bodily Resurrection of Jesus?

8.) Where Did the Christians Get Their Idea of Resurrection?

there is an epilogue and several useful appendicies. Foster’s Index and Select Bibliography are helpful.

the book is extremely well documented and referenced. the notes at the end are excellent and each element of the debate is cross-referenced at the bottom of the page so you can read through the book from beginning to end or you can go back and forth through each argument from X and Y.

The Jesus Inquest is well-written and easy to read. this is a wonderful apologetics book that goes deeper and further than the work of Lee Strobel or Josh McDowell, as helpful as they are. Foster works harder and makes Christians work harder to explore this important topic.

*Full Disclosure: I received this book for free from Thomas Nelson through “Book Sneeze.” They give free books to bloggers for honest reviews.*


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