“stuff” Harper did

i’ve posted a few thoughts on Canadian politics lately. we happen to be in the middle of a Federal Election in Canada. on May 2, Canadians will elect a Parliament and the leader of the Party with the most seats will become Prime Minister.

i’ve taken a few shots at Stephen Harper and some folks have asked me to clarify a few things. to make a case on what i’m saying; not merely throwing these comments out there without some reason. that’s more than fair.

i accept.

the most important website in Canada right now is “stuff”harperdid.ca.

(“stuff” is actually a word for going number two; i find it a little too rude to write on my blog. i’m sure you can find the site.)

without taking too much of your time or writing too much, i will merely write a few words or a few sentences on a few randomly selected issues that will highlight the need for Canada to have a different Prime Minister than Stephen Harper moving forward.

these words and short phrases tell an amazing story.

– G8/G20.

– Helena Guergis. the way she’s been treated is criminal.

– Bruce Carson. i’m all about second and third and fourth chances. i’m all about grace. it’s not a matter of a second chance, though. Harper said Carson would have never been hired had he known the extent of the issues. “had he known.” wow. the Conservatives know the pictures on people’s Facebook pages, but they do not know the past of people in their inner circle.

– Contempt of Parliament.

– Prorogation of Parliament (twice).

– Healthcare. look up what he’s honestly said in the past. the Liberal ad did misquote the PM. however, it’s too bad two reputable Canadian newspapers misquoted him first and only corrected it now. timing in politics, like comedy, is everything.

– The Supreme Court of Canada. this is one we don’t hear a lot about. read this: http://www2.macleans.ca/2011/04/19/partisan-judges-how-the-supreme-court-runs-our-lives%e2%80%94and-why-it-should-be-an-election-issue/. Stephen Harper’s levels of control are unhealthy. do we want him picking these judges? i do not.

– read Harperland by Lawrence Martin.

– The Economy. how much credit can Harper really take? Canada is doing better; no doubt. the stats and reports tell us so. but where? are you (anyone reading this) so much better off than you were ten years ago? three years ago? one year ago?

– Coalition. totally legitimate in our political system. in fact, think about this:  if the Conservatives “win” another minority government, more people voted for someone other than the Conservatives. a coalition would represent the wishes of more Canadians than a Conservative minority government.

– Republican Rustling. i’m uncomfortable with the elements of Republicanism Harper seems to represent: gun laws, crime and jails, jets, financial cuts to social uplift, right-wing conservative theocracy, control, abuse of power, etc.

– the treatment of Veterans.

– UN Security Council Seat.

– Harper’s cronies in the Senate.

the list could go on and on.

Stephen Harper may not be all bad.

he’s bad for Canada.

he has a great future in becoming the lead singer of a cover band, though.

imagine… a Canada without Stephen Harper as PM.

you may say that i’m a dreamer, but i’m not the only one.


3 Responses to “stuff” Harper did

  1. Render unto Ceasar…..

    where is my link?

    my comment section should work now.

  2. Bram says:

    This ranting is hilarious though I’m still convinced that the church need not worry itself to much with the politics of an old creation. The new creation has come and every Sunday our gathering is much more real and important than any current politic. Forget about Harper, concentrate on Easter!

  3. Michael says:

    Can capitalist democracies ever yeild anything but bad and progressively worse leaders? It is the nature of the beast: Capitalism is based on Mammon worship and democracy is based on the sin of pride. BTW, don’t forget too that The Salvation Army (and its officers) is apolitical…

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