the devil you know

what a night!

let me share a few thoughts/comments/questions.

i thought Harper would be PM again. there are too many areas in the country where the Conservatives get votes merely because of the name of the party. put a monkey in a Tory blue suit and we’d have a monkey PM. 

i did not think he would get his coveted majority. now he has even more puppets on the government side of the house to tow the party line and read the Harperian script.

the Mayans had it wrong; 2011 is the end of the world. or at least Canada as we know it. i hope i’m wrong, i really do. however, i think we have seen the Republicanization of Canada start. the next four years will be ones to watch for sure. the Conservatives now have a majority and can do just about anything they want. i hope my family, friends, and people who are complete strangers to me who feel good about Harper and the Conservatives can tell me i was wrong in the future.  i can’t help but feel, though, that a minority government that doesn’t work well with others getting a majority, is like rewarding a misbehaving child with applause.

are the NDP ready to be the official opposition? is this second place finish and are these historic gains actually fools gold? now that the Conservative Government has a majority, what can the opposition really do?

i’ve never said or felt Iggy was the answer. the folks in his own riding it appears, as i head to bed before hearing the final word, feel the same way. this party, though, the Liberals cannot be done, can they? they have a lot of work to do. there will have to be changes.

as i said on a previous post, i need to focus more on the Kingdom than on earthly politics. these are, however, important coversations to have and important questions to ask.

let me know what you think.

answer some of, or all of, these questions and ask some of your own.

check out the thoughts on politics i’ve shared in the past on this blog. address those issues/questions.

am i way off?

just about or over 40% of the Canadians who voted would say i am.

a lot of people appear to be happy with the devil they know.

ps: it’s just a saying. relax. i do not think Stephen Harper, as horrible as i think he is, is the actual devil.


One Response to the devil you know

  1. I am sure the Bloc and the Liberals are, in the words of Tammy’s Newfie Grandma “wishing their cake dough”.

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