truth over profits?

a friend of mine, Derek, works at Cameron’s in Windsor, Ontario. it’s a Christian bookstore. it’s great. his blog is Covenant of Love. the link is over there. ->->->

they sell Love Wins by Rob Bell at Cameron’s.

visit Derek’s blog to read a few interesting stories about customers either mad or glad to see it on the new arrivals table.

there’s one story i can’t help but tell you here. i hope Derek is cool with it. i’ll take it down if he goes all Napster on me.

here’s a message that was left on the Cameron’s Facebook page:

“Rob Bell is a heretic and this book is heresy. I thought better of Stuart that he would prize truth over profits …I guess there are very few left now with integrity …Zondervans refused to print this because it is heresy ,and they prize truth over profits…Family Christian bookstores, CBD and others refuse to sell this…Stuart what are you doing? You unashamedly promote the poison to the Christian community…Rob Bell is a wolf and you have let him in the sheep pen…shame on you!!!”

Stuart Cameron is the owner of Cameron’s. great guy. no one deserves this kind of attack. the person who left these comments must work for the Conservatives.

Derek makes some great points and observations about these comments on his blog. here’s the link to the very post:

what strikes me is the person who left this message appealing to the notion that Zondervan prizes truth over profts. maybe they do. and this is not a shot against Zondervan, they have wonderful authors on their team and they publish excellent books. 99% of the time simply seeing their logo is a sign the book will be good. some of my favourite books were published by Zondervan: The Christian Atheist by Craig Groeschel, Sex God by Rob Bell, Questions To All Your Answers by Roger E. Olson. Zondervan has also been the home to Brian McLaren and as far as i know is the home for Shane Claiborne and Ravi Zacharias. i could list many more books and authors that i love that have been published by Zondervan.

sadly, however, there is that 1%.

Zondervan has also published books by Sarah Palin and Kate Gosselin.

truth over profits?


profits over controversy?



4 Responses to truth over profits?

  1. FrGregACCA says:

    Controversy as a source of profits? Absolutely.

  2. markbraye says:

    i’m not sure i’m following your comment 100%, Greg.

    i’m not advocating being controversial for the sake of being controversial or merely for the sake of profits.

    i should have qualified what i was writing a little better i guess.

    maybe it would have been helpful if i said “controversy to some.”

    i do not see “Love Wins” as an overly controversial book. some people do.

    my main point, though, is why even hold Zondervan up the way this person did on the Cameron’s Facebook page?

    honestly, Zondervan is the ultimate source of theological truth and integrity?

    four words from my post to answer that question: Sarah, Palin, Kate, Gosselin.

  3. paulthinkingoutloud says:

    As a Christian bookstore owner, I’m not sure that we shouldn’t read some heresy now and then, and if that’s the case, and if Bell is a true heretic, I’d rather people read Love Wins than anything by the Jesus Seminar people. I also (albeit under the counter) carry The Catechism of the Catholic Church not because I agree with it, but because the information should be available for those who want it.

    So, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, we piled a stack of all “those” books in a section with the label, “Heretics Section – Because Every Bookstore Should Have One.”

  4. Derek says:

    “Heretics Section – Because Every Bookstore Should Have One.” Ha! That’s great, I think we’ll give it a try. 🙂

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