I am ready for some Football!

July 25, 2011

the deal is done. the lockout is over.

the season kicks off on Thursday, September 8, 2011.


If The Church Were Christian

July 20, 2011

i was in a Chapter’s recently on holidays and the title of this book jumped off the shelf at me: If The Church Were Christian: Rediscovering The Values of Jesus. it’s written by Quaker Minister Philip Gulley.

while i do not agree with some of his theology and some of what he’s written, i do appreciate the questions and issues Gulley has raised in the book. he explores important areas of life and Church life that we need to wrestle with to better deliver and live-out the Gospel.

as a preview of the book, below are the chapter titles/essays.

if the Church were Christian…

1. Jesus Would Be a Model for Living Rather Than an Object of Worship.

2. Affirming Our Potential Would Be More Important Than Condemning Our Brokenness.

3. Reconciliation Would Be Valued over Judgment.

4. Gracious Behavior Would Be More Important Than Right Belief.

5. Inviting Questions Would Be Valued More Than Supplying Answers.

6. Encouraging Personal Exploration Would Be More Important Than Communal Uniformity.

7. Meeting Needs Would Be More Important Than Maintaning Institutions.

8. Peace Would Be More Important Than Power.

9. It Would Care More About Love and Less About Sex.

10. This Life Would Be More Important Than The Afterlife.

i’m sure a quick glance through the above list has brought many thoughts, questions, and comments to mind.

reflecting as i write this post i see issues in the above list my own tradition, The Salvation Army, needs to work on and wrestle with.

what do you think?