Jake Doyle vs. Maximus Decimus Meridius

there is some very cool and very big news out of St. John’s, Newfoundland.

actor Russel Crowe is going to appear in an episode of the CBC show Republic of Doyle.

Republic of Doyle is an awesome show. it’s set and filmed in St. John’s and is the baby of Newfoundlander Alan Hawco. he acts, as Jake, writes, and produces.

Crowe has been in some of my favorite movies of all time: American Gangster, 3:10 To Yuma, Body of Lies, and Gladiator. anything he’s in is worth seeing.   

Crowe is good friends with Great Big Sea musician Alan Doyle. they’ve toured/played music together and Doyle had a role in the Ridley Scott film, starring Russel Crowe, Robin Hood. Doyle has appeared on Doyle as a criminal in the past. the rest is history.

i’m really looking forward to this. i think season three of Republic of Doyle begins airing on CBC in January of 2012.

tune in.


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