NFL Football is back in action tomorrow night in Green Bay, Wisconsin. the last two Super Bowl Champions, the Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints meet in the season opening game on the season opening weekend. it should be a great game.

i, like a lot of NFL fans, was nervous we would miss regular season action. however, as has been well documented, a deal was done between the owners and the players and we will not miss NFL Football for at least the next ten years.


the following is a few thoughts and comments on the upcoming NFL season and what i’ve read in preview magazines.

Sports Illustrated’s Senior Writer Peter King picks the Atlanta Falcons to beat the San Diego Chargers in Super Bowl XLVI. i do not. San Diego might not even make the playoffs. i like Atlanta and the moves they made. however, they’re in a tough division. Tampa Bay won 10 games and missed the playoffs last year. New Orleans won the Super Bowl two years ago. Carolina should be better.

The Sporting News has the Packers repeating as Super Bowl Champs over the New England Patriots. if this happens, the torch will be officilaly passed to Aaron Rodgers as the best quarterback in the NFL and the window will be 80% closed on Brady, Belichick, and the Patriots. 

i want to see a rematch of last year’s Super Bowl. i want to see the Steelers win and plant Rodgers about a yard deep in the FieldTurf at Lucas Oil Stadium. i’m not bitter though. well, maybe a little.

Athlon Sports also picks the Packers over the Patriots in the battle of the P’s. these are two great teams. this would make a great Super Bowl.

in Lindy’s Sports NFL 2011 Preview magazine, they pick the Baltimore Ravens to beat the Philadelphia Eagles in the battle of the birds. this would be a great Super B0wl, too. i like both these teams.

i’m picking the Steelers to beat the Packers and raise their NFL record seventh Lombardi Trophy.  if they didn’t turn the ball over three times last year they would have won Super Bowl XLV. i am still not over it. it hurts.

watch out for the Lions. they may not make the playoffs this year, but they will spoil a few teams seasons with wins if they can stay healthy.

Steelers will be mad. i’m sure of it. proud owner. proud coach. proud team. proud fans. they may take out their frustration on their entire scheldule.

sadly, Peyton Manning may be done. DONE. and, as Manning goes, so goes the Colts.

J-E-T-S. JETS. JETS. JETS. how can you not love the Jets?

tune in. the NFL season is always interesting and always worth watching. 

are you ready for some Football?

i am.


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