Mid-Season Report

weekly picks record: 83-33.

thoughts and notes:

– who are the Ravens? the team that smashed the Steelers on opening day or the team that lost to Jacksonville and had to come from behind to beat Arizona?

– who are the Steelers? the team that got smashed by the Ravens or the team that beat the Patriots this past Sunday?

– Lions are awesome! i think they’ll get ten or eleven wins and make the playoffs as a Wild Card. depending on the seeding in the NFC, i think they could play the Packers in the NFC Championship game. however, i don’t think nine wins will get them a playoff spot; even ten might not get them a playoff spot depending on the tie breaks.

– Colts: it’s sad.

– Dolphins: Reggie Bush said it best, “we stink!”

– Packers: rollin’.

– who are the Saints? their loss to the Rams this past Sunday will end up being the worst loss of any team this year.

– Eagles: i hope they do well. they’ve got speed in spades.

– Tim Tebow: i want him to do well. i want him to do great. i fear, though, the critics are correct.

– 49ers are for real.

– there are six playoff spots available in each conference. there are ten teams in each conference that are competitive enough to make the playoffs. it will be an interesting November and December.


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