Punishment With A Capital P

March 20, 2012

there’s been some great debate stirred in Salvationist magazine and at salvationist.ca about capital punishment.

you can read a wonderfully written article by Dani Shaw by following this link: http://salvationist.ca/2012/01/an-eye-for-an-eye/. you should read it.

i’m with Mike Morris, George Clooney’s character from The Ides Of March. i would also add, paraphrasing the thought, “the body of Christ is supposed to be better than the individual.”

as Christians, we believe people, all people, whether they acknowledge it or not, are created in the image of God. the destruction of that image, be it capital punishment or murder or war, is sad. we live in a fallen world and these things happen. however, if we could control one of them, capital punishment, why not eliminate it?

most of the States in the USA still have capital punishment. in Canada, it seems there are those in conservative media and politics who would like to open the debate and bring it back situationally.

i’m baffled by Christians who quote the Old Testament to justify capital punishment. there are verses in the Old Testament that admonish the Israelites to refrain from wearing clothing from two types of material as well. will we start following this law? also, the Old Testament requires the stoning of homosexuals and adulterers. no sensible Christian wants to bring this law to our modern society. why keep capital punishment?

what about the Ten Commandments? “Thou shalt not kill.” unless… they’re convicted of killing.

Jesus seems to speak into this issue as well. the Sermon on the Mount is a good place to start. Christ was confronted in John 8 with an offense that called for stoning. his response speaks volumes. are we listening?