NFL Kickoff 2012

the NFL regular season kicks off tonight. twelve hours from now it’ll be about halftime of the first game of the year. i’m pretty excited. the NFL is the league/sport i follow/pay attention to the most. does that make me a bad Canadian?

here’s a few thoughts heading into the season, and my Super Bowl pick…

the Colts – Andrew Luck looks great, but so did Manning as a rookie and they still lost over ten games. it’ll be a struggle for Colts fans.

the Jets – is this a sinking ship? i hope not. i like Rex Ryan. i like Tebow. i like Sanchez. i like this team. it might get worse, though.

the Lions – restore the roar! i really hope the Madden curse does not hit this year.

the Saints – how will they respond to all the drama?

da Bears – i hope they do well. the NFL is always better when the Bears matter.

the Texans – a lot of people expect good things from the Texans; they’re even a sexy Super Bowl pick. i don’t see it. i think they’ll win the AFC South because it’s a weak division. they’ll lose in the playoffs.

the Cowboys – Zzzz.

the REFS – the NFL has got to get these guys back. it’s embarassing. these replacement refs have got to go. i think it’s simply over a couple million dollars now. show them the money. this is the best game in the world, we need the best refs in the world officiating.

Super Bowl pick – Steelers over 49ers.

“you play to win the game.”


3 Responses to NFL Kickoff 2012

  1. ilcapitanoinquisitore says:

    WHY ARE MY PATRIOTS BEING IGNORED BRAYE?????????? HA! I think da Bears will rock it this year, but I’m jumping on the Texans wagon!!!!

  2. […] an all time high. And so, like so many other avid fans (check out my buddy Mark’s predictions here), I’m going to make my first ever public predictions about who is going to win the ultimate […]

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