March 7, 2014

manafest-fighter-bookChristopher Greenwood, AKA Manafest, is a recording artist from Ontario, Canada. his first book is Fighter: Five Keys to Conquering Fear and Reaching your Dreams.

it’s a wonderful read. it’s part autobiography, part self-help/advice/inspirational. it’s an inside look at aspects of the music industry. it’s part spiritual and Biblical. Fighter is an excellent book.

without giving away too much, the five keys, what Manafest calls the anatomy of a fighter, are courage, perseverance, mindset, discipline, and willpower. with stories and reflections on each key, Manafest shows the importance of each.

“The purpose of this book is to inspire you to conquer your fears and take action,” Manafest writes. his five keys are a great place to start on any journey.

read Fighter, be a fighter.

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The Age of the Spirit

March 6, 2014

age of the spiritPhyllis Tickle is the author of several books, including, but not limited to, The Great Emergence and Emergence Christianity. her latest book is a collaboration with Jon M. Sweeney entitled The Age of the Spirit: How The Ghost of an Ancient Controversy Is Shaping The Church.

the book is wonderful. Tickle and Sweeney are a delight to read. at this point i’ll read anything Phylllis Tickle writes.

The Age of the Spirit is part Church history, part theology, part philosophy of religion. it’s deeply theological. it looks at the Trinity and the Holy Spirit through the time frame of the Church and the implications of creeds and councils.

read The Age of the Spirit.

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